Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming

A sensitive skin must have! The only! And I mean the only moisturizer that calmed my troubled skin. Click here for the full review.

This by far is one of the best lightweight and great for sensitive skin type of moisturizers THAT FEELS LIKE WATER! Non greasy formula and yet so moisturizing! 🕊️



I have oily to combination plus very sensitive skin. This was my very first time to try this ultra calm range from dermalogica.

Dermalogica is known to be a skin care system researched and developed by the international dermal institute. Sounds “profesh” but did it work for my sensitive skin type? This image shown is my skin testing out a acne skin treatment that went horribly wrong. I was hoping it to get rid of my acne. It did work for a while then after a week of using the acne free system (review will be posted soon!) my skin suffered.



Not only did it dry out my skin which was, it left it so inflammed for days and despite me confining myself indoors (which by the way was a must if using an acne treatment aka stay away from the sun). I applied my oldie but goodie aloe vera gel but despite that, it was sooooo painful. My skin felt like it was burning! Anything applied (and I mean anything!) may it be sunscreen of a very mild moisturizer just burned my skin even more. I let it be for another day until it started flaking off.

So I tried Dermalogica’s Calm Water Gel. A bit hesitant at first coz’ it just might burn my already burning face and plus testing out new products might break me out. But I was desperate. Despite stopping the acne treatment, my skin was no longer getting better, just dried out! But noooo! The Calm Water Gel was surprisingly as light as water. Really as light as H2O. Had a mild lavender scent to it that was relaxing and as I applied the gel on my face, it melted away! My skin was instantly hydrated similar to after using a sheetmask but waaaay moisturizing. I used this every night and just a small amount to cover my whole face and neck. This gel was more heavy in texture as compared to the barrier booster. Great to use as night to lock in the moisture and the following day, my dry flakes started fading. Inflammations were slowly disappearing as well.

The barrier Defense Booster on the other hand was lighter in consistency. Although “oil” based, it didn’t feel greasy or oily. Very similar to the consistency of serums. Only 3-4 drops was needed and may be added to a moisturizer. I did use this as my morning skincare moisturizer and it was like putting on nothing then getting soft skin texture in return. Plus it was awesome for my oily skin because it didn’t make me look like a grease ball after a day.

After 12 days of using the product this is how my skin looks now. Not entirely clear but it was no longer inflammed and flakey. I must say this product worked for me! My skin now feels so soft and smooth. Thanks demalogica!


*typo dermalogica

Pro tip:

Add 3-4 drops o f the barrier defense booster to your daily moisturizer for a boost of barrier protection.

Where to purchase:

Barrier Defense Booster

Calm Water Gel

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