How to: Write a review

How to write a product review that earns money.



If your thinking about posting reviews just for profit, I’m sorry to say that it won’t lead you more “freebies” as you could have desired. Plus you won’t earn “money” that easily. So sad but true, I was once a “that” exact person. In my own feeble mind, I thought that if I made a blog mainly just to earn more freebies and money that it could “magically” earn revenue. Guess not. But this post is not about that.

Today’s post is how to create a great review that could potentially earn some money. =) 

If you build a great blog eventually you will enjoy the opportunity to review products and services that can generate revenue through direct sales or affiliate programs. The trick to make this profitable without scaring away your readers, is to write a comprehensive yet honest reviews that  may still encourage casual readers into consumers, who take an action that returns revenue for you.iloveyouso

So here are some of my tips:

Write a review that sells


The ultimate challenge for a blog review writer is producing a review that is honest period. Don’t be fooled by what other sponsored posts by famous youtubers or instagrammers, test it our yourself. But I must warn you (yes you!person reading this planning to test a ton of makeup and skincare products out there!) Testing products may cause a hell of skin irritations! I know because it happened to me! Please, know your skintype first and always do a patch test before testing out any of those “overhyped products”.

Moving back to the topic, document all your findings. It’s similar to making a report. So here’s some of the questions you could ask.

  • Pro’s- What positive things could you say about the product in terms of it’s performance basing it on the product’s claim.
  • Con’s-If the product did not live up to your expectations.
  • Where could you purchase the item? 
  • Would you recommend the product?
  • Is the price worth it?

Once your done answering some of the questions, you may also add some PICTURES preferably unedited ones. Again, be honest. As you can see, you as the product reviewer are trying to answer a regular person would ask. You simply are giving more insight into the product or service that they could not find anywhere else.

Know the difference between Advertising and Reviews


Hookay, now we all know that a great  product review is something that is honest and unbiased. Sometimes, as a skincare or makeup reviewer I could honestly say that  I am very tempted to say “all good things about a certain product”. I said “almost” because if you guys have already seen some of my reviews, I don’t kiss ass! In other words, majority of my posts are NOT SPONSORED so I can say what I need to say about a certain product. If it works, it really worked! And if not, then it didn’t.

Advertising on the other hand earns money (“cha-ching”). Some companies pay up front via e.g paypal for pre made articles that just needs exposure and some provide affiliated links for more exposure. A plus for your blog and the company as well. Affiliated links may come in just plain “links” or banners sent by the company for you to post on your blog. Now if your not familiar on how affiliated links work, I’ll make it simple. For every referral you make to buy a certain product advertised on your blog, you get a certain amount. It may be as little as 10% or even less. It’s not that high to be honest. But the great thing about your blog is that IT’S YOURS! So research on how much you want to be paid but be REASONABLE. Be your own Boss and become a good one. 

So reality bites, you don’t get views, likes and offers. But don’t be discouraged. Starting a blog really takes time and a whole box of creativity. Start with products that you honestly think work. Keep in mind that you honestly just want to share your experience to someone out there looking for the same advice. Also expect  your posts get no likes and no views at all! Which leads me to the next tip:

Be familiar with failure


In your effort to provide the most comprehensive review possible for your lovely readers, you need to remember one very important fact of every product on the market, be familiar to FAIL!

Everything you review has both PRO’s and CON’s that need to be determined during the review process. A  very common mistake I see among online product reviewers aka “bloggers” is the temptation to write spectacular advertisements as reviews in an attempt to partner up to other companies into giving them free product for review purposes. This is not an effective strategy.

Always remember that you should be writing a subject that you are truly passionate about, and it is very natural to get excited about receiving product that you used to pay top dollar for. Your credibility is everything as a review blogger, so it is more important to portray the truth. Your readers will see right past your excitement if they know you are skipping over negative aspects of products in an attempt to get more free stuff.

Negative reviews (and you will have some that are very negative over time) should be  fact based so you leave little argument to your conclusions. Don’t let negative comments turn you down. Although a common “expectation” when it comes to the online community. Despite that, always be professional in responding to offers or replying to questions. 

Listen to your Readers


Your credibility as a review writer is everything. The more your readers take your advice and have a positive experience with the interaction, the more success you will see with your blog and your review writing. Under no circumstances should you ever risk that credibility for something free. Once that trust is broken with your readers, it is very hard to gain back.

Before you hit that “publish” button, you have to keep in mind the person reading your blog. Most of the time bloggers don’t take in to consideration some “negative feedback”. This is important.

In the beginning, my post were really long and I thought to myself that this maybe the reason why I don’t get that much traffic to my site so I shortened by reviews. Suddenly, my readers posted comments that “your posts are too short” or “may you consider writing your reviews longer” which I took as a constructive criticism.

Try to take all constructive criticism to heart but at the same time remember who your common reader is while you write your reviews. After all, you want your writing to appeal to your core audience.

Post affiliate Links in your Postssuperthumb

Once you wrote an awesome and  successful product review, the reader might often that not “potentially” would like to try it out based of the facts you presented. At the end of your review, insert your affiliate link with a bold header that clearly explains that the link is for purchasing the product reviewed. Hopefully, all of your hard work paid off and your readers that need a product like that take action. 

35af0588e91ef3126868648dac1b66ab--pusheen-cat-nyan-catYour credibility as a blogger is everything. The more your readers take your advice and, the more success you will see with your blog and your review writing. Under no circumstances should you ever risk that credibility for something free. Once that trust is broken with your readers, it is very hard to gain back.

Goodluck on writing your reviews!

*credits to owners of the pusheen illustrations.

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