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Let’s set aside makeup and skincare for today. Coz’ today’s post is all about stuff I got in the mail from

If you guys are not into these types of post, by all means, do not proceed to view this blog. is an online shopping website very similar to eBay and Amazon. They offer wide range of categories from home and garden items, fashion & beauty, jewelry and watches.

So here are the items I personally chose. Predictably makeup brushes and a cute backpack with wallet to match.

If you guys wanna purchase the items, just click on the links below.

And NO, these links are NOT AFFILIATED. Just sayin’.

Moving on to the HAUL. . .

Womens Leather School Shoulder Bag Travel Backpack Satchel Girls Floral Rucksack

Price: $9.49




For the price of $9.49 I say it was not that bad. I was already expecting it to be not leather and instead it felt really plastic y and was made from synthetic materials. I wouldn’t suggest keeping a lot of heavy items on it because as you can already see, it really felt and seemed to break once overloaded. I would go for this as a statement piece just not for functionality. What I love about it though is the floral design and the black overall color of it. It matches my everyday style! Oh by the way, it was kinda small for my height of 5’3″. I mean, I do wear a similar backpack purse and prefer it to cover my butt area and this particular one is kinda short for that.

Women Girl Cute Cat Anime Leather Trifold Mini Wallet Clutch Purse Coin Card Bag

Price: $7.21



This wallet was so darn cute! I just love the kitty inspired design plus it had a black color type so I just had to add it up onto my cart. I love light salmon pink interior of it plus it didn’t feel cheap at all! Although I could still spot a little miss on the stitching but thats fine with me. It could accommodate 6 cards, paper bills and a coins!

Round Face Powder Foundation Kabuki Blush Brush Pro Cosmetic Makeup Tool

Price: $1.70



A really dense brush perfect for blending out heavy foundation or blush. Back in the day (ehem 2015) I saw this makeup tool highly raved about by my favorite Filipina youtubers! If you guys wanna know who some of them are you may visit this post: Pinay youtuber’s who blogged!

I’m all about affordable finds worth purchasing and this brush was on point. The brush itself was made out of synthetic hair and one good thing about this product is that it does not shed. I could see myself cleaning this brush without the brush itself falling out.

Portable Round Seal Body Facial Foundation Concealer Makeup Blush

Price: $4.09



F-A-N-C-Y! Gold dense brush! Ideal for foundations or even blending out cream contours. I only notice the brush hairs falling out a bit which made me a little bit concerned on the longevity of this product but anyhoooooow, I still love it! I would purposely use this to blend bb creams, cc creams and heavy foundation creams. The material was acrylic by the way so this may chip and fade especially if used on a regular.

Just take some time to admire on how intricately this beautiful brush was designed. . .

Okay moving on to the next pretty fancy looking thinggy

Beauty Egg Powder Puff Powderpuffs Sponge Stand Holder Storage Table Drying Rack

Round Rose Gold




Kinda looks like a spring doesn’t it? But function wise? My goodness! Where have you been? I need you so much to dry my sponges!

Ever had the same problem where you would dampen your makeup sponge, use it, clean it after then figure a way do store it somewhere to dry? Look no further! I just needed to share this with you guys! A true SPONGE SAVER!

I had little mini makeup sponges placed in it but it can definitely store a regular sized beauty blender.

6 Pcs Makeup Foundation Sponge Powder Puff Bottle Waterdrop Flawless Blender








Makeup sponges are a necessity in my vanity table but not always a priority to splurge some extra benjamins. I mean, they’re disposable so for the price of a dollar? YES PLEASE!

But again, if you guys have tried the real techniques sponge or beauty blender, this does not comes close to it. Function wise, it gets the job done by blending foundations and concealers. But texture wise, it’s not that soft and does not really “expand”. It like a really sturdy ( I mean hard) type of sponge applicator. If texture ain’t an issue, this could work.

B 250x250

So if you guys want to shop at their site click here! Or just any of the links provided.

Thank you so much again for stopping by! And thanks to for this lovely items. Not quite sure if they offer free shipping. Until the next Eyeseesomething! Byeee!


All items to be mentioned was sent to me by And I am so grateful to be given this opportunity to review my shopping experience. The items were delivered to me all the way from China. They were kind enough to send me a tracking numbe and it arrived on my doorstep in about two weeks. Like most items purchased outside the US, it usually takes that long and lastly, all items were received in good condition (nothing broken).

For business inquiries send me a beep at

All opinions and images of the products are mine.

All rights reserved. 2018.

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