Sulwhasoo Renewing Kit Care Serum & Firming Cream First First Impression

Sulwhasoo Renewing Kit Care Serum & Firming Cream First First Impression. Would it be worth it to purchase the full size?


This luxury brand of skincare began in 1966 that was formulated by GINSENG; Korea’s signature plant. Developed by Suh Sung-whan. At the heart of Sulwhasoo is Korean herbal medicine, steeped in a long tradition of Eastern holistic philosophy that searches for deeper answers, with a desire to find harmony and balance, and treatments that view the body as a whole. Up to present, Sulwhasoo blossomed from a deep conviction in the power of ginseng and the passion for Korean herbal medicinal study. Today, it is beloved by customers worldwide as the holistic beauty brand embodying Asian wisdom.

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Sulwhasoo Renewing Care Serum

Formulated with Korean medicinal herbs, this serum replenishes moisture and nutrients. Apply before moisturizer



 Sulwhasoo Firming Cream

Nourishes skin inside and out to restore healthy looking skin and resilience. The cream seamlessly absorbs into skin for a naturally healthy complexion. Helps fortify aged and loosened look of the skin, completing an overall younger-looking appearance. Formulated after dedicated research of skin resilience, Sulwhasoo developed JISUN Firming Complex, a special ingredient complex of goji berries, black beans, and arrowroot. The proprietary complex effectively supports a more firm look of the skin. Apply after serum. Used as a moisturizer. 





Okay, this brand had the one of the most expensive prices of Korean skincare items I’ve encountered so far. The Firming Cream at full size was priced at $100 for 75 ml.

Would it be worth it to purchase the full size?

After using this cream for 3 days, I do love the formulation of the renewing care serum. It was not scented and dried up without leaving my skin sticky. I used both items at night after my cleanse and tone skincare routine. The firming cream on the other hand was so heavy in moisture. It gave my skin a very dewy almost oily looking appearance which I didn’t mind because I used it before bedtime. It was not scented and only required me a pea sized amount to spread all over my face.  Applied some of it on my neck area too! While using the product, there was not tightness or irritations noted. My skin felt supple and smooth. Dry patches around the edges of my nose and on the sides of my cheeks vanished. Overall, I would consider repurchasing this if not for the expensive price. To purchase the product click here!

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