Badecasil Dermaseal Mask Review

Is this the best solution to help my skin problems?

Badecasil Dermaseal Mask 

My skin is in need of a mask that claims to soothe and treat troubled skin which this next mask claims to. I have little bumps appearing on my forehead and around some areas on my cheeks. Luckily I had this mask in my stash. Finally got the chance to test it out if it really works to tame inflammed bumps. Fingers crossed. I purchased this mask for $4.50. Sold by the brand 23y/o. I almost thought that the mask was 23 years old. It was just the brand name.

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The best solution to help your skin problems. A combination of 125 mg betaine salicylate, tea tree leaf extract and hydrolyzed egg shell membranes. Contains complex ingredients that ease skin problems in a short time also softening dead skin to achieve a soft and well moisturized skin. Best mask solution for trouble skin and controlling sebum.  Made in korea. Weighs 25g.

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Badecasil review by eye c. blog

The mask:

Egg membrane sheet adheres well without any empty spaces. Created with an outer layer of support to increase serum absorption. The inner sheet perfectly adheres to even out wrinkles. With it’s unique packet like structure, it secures the storing space of maximum amount of ingredients. The egg membrane sheet allows faster absorption of key ingredients within 13 minutes. Generally looks thin but does not break or stretch. I tried pulling or tearing it up after using it and it held on tight. Weird. It almost looked like it had a plastic like texture as it dried.

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Major Ingredients:

Bataine Salicylate: Helps to calm sensitive skin.

Tea Tree Leaf Extract: Tightens skin pores while conditioning the skin.

Hydrolized Egg Shell Membrane: Improves damaged skin.

Scent & Essence:

It smelled like cooked eggs with a tinge of perfume and scented cleaning wipes. It was really mild though but the alcohol scent lingered while the mask was on my face. The scent was not awful but really weird. Just a clean fragrant scent of eggs?  The essence or serum of the mask was clear, lightweight and very runny.

My skin type:

Oily combination skin. My T-zone (forehead, nose and chin area) tends to get oily during the day and I get dry patches on the sides of my nose, cheek area and along the edges of my lips. I also have a lot of pimple marks or blemish spots as you guys can see on some of the images.

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The mask experience:

This mask really focused on the packaging. Along with the mask was the card like package. Right out of the pack, a blue outer protective layer was folded along with the mask. I applied the mask on my cleansed face then removed the outer blue layer. The egg membrane sheet mask was so thin and soft. It almost felt like the area of the egg that separates the fluid from the shell. Although it appears to be thin, it didn’t stretch or break. I did notice that there were no cutting lines on the mask, just the eye and mouth holes which was really small to fit mine. I felt a cooling sensation while the mask was on my face and as instructed I left in on for 15 minutes.

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Once the mask was applied, it immediately adhered to my skin. I look really weird if I may add. It kinda meant what it said “to adhere well onto skin removing all air bubbles to better absorb the mask nutrients”. It stuck on to my face despite me walking around.

As you can see, the mask texture was really different. As it dried, it felt like a thin sheet of plastic which might explain on why it had a lot of essence left on the pack. The essence was dripping all over as I kept the mask on because it was really runny. 

As the mask dried, my face felt stiff. 15 minutes after, the mask was till damp but my skin was so soft! The essence dried up pretty quickly and it was not tacky or sticky at all! Before trying out the mask, my face felt so inflammed and a bit irritated. But after using it, my skin felt calm and the little bumps on my face decreased in size. I also did notice my complexion brighten up a bit. Although the brightening effect did not really focus on my blemish spots, the overall  complexion of my face did have a noticeable “glow” which is a plus!

Badecasil Mask review by eye c. blog

Overall, I love this mask and would highly recommend it for oily/combination and troubled skin types. It may be used as a day or night mask. If you want a mask to calm troubled skin without the greasy after feel, this is your pick! 



Packaging: 🍑

Effectiveness: 🍑🍑🍑🍑 

Score interpretation:

🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑AMAZING! The product was really effective and efficient! Will highly recommend and re-purchase indeed! 

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What sheet masks have you guys tried so far? Until the next post! XOXO

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