When makeup EXPIRES!

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Were gonna talk about when makeup expires. When should we throw out our makeup? This is a tough topic to chew on but as we all know, all good things must come to an end. All beauty products have specific expiration dates. So here are some tips on when to toss out your makeup! Seriously. 

MascaraWhen to throw out makeup

Change it every 3 months. To prevent eye infection. Mascara’s are ideally replaced 4 times a year! So sample sizes are beneficiary. After 3 months, most mascara formulas dry up and tend to be cakey plus bacteria is slowing growing up in those tubes. To make your mascaras last a little bit longer, instead of pumping air in it, try twirling the brush instead. this decreases the air pumped into the tube also minimizing nasty bacteria’s from entering. Don’t forget to apply mascara only to a freshly cleansed face.


When to throw out makeup

Change it every 2 years for powder and once a  year for cream. Like most powder blushes and bronzers, powder eye shadows may last up to two years. When you use eye shadows on a daily basis, bacteria does also build up and may cause eye infection! So cleaning up your makeup brushes are a must too.



When to throw out makeup

Change it every 3-6 months. Gel and liquid liners  applied with a brush should be changed every six months. This is  to avoid an eye infection. Eye pencils and retractable pens have a longer shelf life due to the fact that they get sharpened for a more precise line thus getting of some germs. If you don’t get to use them for a year, toss it out! Prevention is better than cure. 




When to throw out makeup

Avoid applying liquid foundation with your fingers!!!!!!! This will initiate bacteria build up a lot quicker. Using brushes and sponge applicators are preferred as long as you clean them regularly. Damp brushes and sponges also promote bacteria growth so keep them in a dry place. Foundations with pumps or with dispensers are even better since it prevents air and bacteria transfers. All foundations must me stored in a cool dried place away from direct sunlight to prevent it from drying up. So if you haven’t finished a bottle of foundation in a year, it is best to throw them out. Generally the texture and shade changes after a year.

When to throw out makeup


Change it every 12 to 18 months. Concealers placed in a pan may last up to 18 months considering that the applicator brush or sponge must be cleaned on a regular basis. Tube packaged concealers must be discarded after a year. Applying concealers with your fingertips increases your chances of bacteria growth thus must be avoided. 


When to throw out makeupBlush&Bronzer

Change it every two years. Powder blushes last more because they are not formulated with oil and water but once the color changes or if the formulation dries up, then it’s time to let go. Always clean out your brush applicators to make your blushes last longer.

When to throw out makeup


Change it every year. Lipsticks are formulated with preservatives and those preservatives only last for a year. Without those, the lipstick itself is not safe to use anymore. If your not sure where the lippies are made from or if the packaging does not come with an expiration or manufacturing date, it’s best to toss it. Try applying lipsticks with a brush or cotton swab. It prevents bacteria from your lips to transfer. 

When to throw out makeup

Lip Gloss

6 months to one year. Lip glosses have a shorter shelf life due to the wand applicator. Bacteria is meant to transfer. Opt out for a tube gloss applicator. This will make the product last up to a year.


When to throw out makeupMakeup Brushes

1 up to 5 years. Makeup brushes life varies depending on the quality. High quality brushes are made to last up to 5 years. Make sure to clean out those brushes with a  mild soap e.g castile soaps. Do this atleast once or twice a week depending on how often you use them.

 Makeup SpongesWhen to throw out makeup

3 weeks to a month.  Bacteria’s love a damp and untidy place and your makeup sponge is the perfect spot! If stored at your restroom, most probably the sponge is susceptible to bacterial growth. To avoid this, clean your sponges well with a mild soap and let them dry to a little sunlight like for example next to your window. 


How to keep your makeup clean and fresh:

  • Start by washing your hands first and start with a clean face before applying makeup.
  • Avoid cross cross contamination. Avoid sharing your makeup. If you have to, use a separate clean applicator.
  • Know your scent. By this I mean smell your mascara once you buy it. You will immediately recognize if a product smells different. That is a sure sign that your need to toss it out.
  • If you have a pimple, use a separate applicator. Again don’t double dip to prevent bacteria contamination.

What About Natural Products?

Natural beauty products although are more “safe” to some may have a shorter shelf life. Compare it to a fresh store bought tomatoe to a garden picked one. The garden picked tomatoe will rot more quickly. Not to be mistaken, natural beauty products also have regulated preservatives but they tend to expire earlier as compared to other cosmetics. 

Every season: Toss your mascara and liquid liner

Every six months: Toss your skin-care regimen, sunscreens, and liquid foundation

Every year: Toss your hair products (except hairspray)

Every two years: Toss your powder-based cosmetics (such as pressed powder and shadows), lipsticks, and nail polishes

“Unopened, well-formulated cosmetics can remain stable for a couple of years at room temperature”.

“When air hits the formula, certain ingredients start to oxidize and degrade.”

What’s more, every time you touch your makeup or skin-care lotions and potions, you transfer germs to them eventually transfers to your face. Heat and humidity, which promote the growth of mold and yeast, are factors, too. That’s one reason the bathroom, though convenient, isn’t the ideal spot to store cosmetics. A better place: a cool, dry linen closet. -Cosmetech Lab, NJ.

 So when in doubt, toss it out!



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